Hooters… My New Obsession

birds have been my subject for study and research the last couple of days, more specifically, Tyto alba, or barn owl. im in the stages of researching and collecting reference for the skeleton drawing of the barn owl which will be posted later with kind of an interesting back-story. for now, here is the pencil drawing i did for the surface of the owl. it was interesting to find out that the shape of the face and its feathers help the owl pick up and pinpoint sound. that might have been basic barn owl 101 but it was totally new information for me. im more than just a little interested in these animals so anyone with fresh insight leave a comment :) and also, animal anatomy experts, please tell me of any mistakes ive made in this drawing. particularly in the wing area

8.5x11 graphite & ink. photoshop

Holy Bovine!

heres another page out of my sketchbook that was done to help me with one of my classes (creature design) where we have to take features of different animals to create our own version of such mythological creatures as the satyr, unicorn, cerberus, harpy etc. doing the studies helps me get familiar with the design of certain animals so i that i can more easily make subtle changes. ill attach some examples later on of the creatures i been creating but for now heres the studies done in kind of a continuous line style

9x12in graphite & ink

9x12 graphite & ink


these are a few ungulate head studies i did in preparation for a unicorn design. its all for a class assignment. im striving for at least one A before the semester ends. A’s are really hard to come by nowadays. for me at least. anyways, doing the studies definitely helped in combining the anatomy of both a horse and antelope/elk. this class stresses realistic creature anatomy so instead of just throwing say a goats head on a human body, (the most common way of drawing mythological creatures) were supposed to morph the anatomy in a way that evolution might make possible. the best example is the common mule or donkey. it has the combined features of a domesticated horse and a wild horse. pretty interesting when you actually study it. okay enough with the schooling. depending on how the unicorn turns out, i might post it.

graphite/ink sketches

Mixin’ it Up

these paintings are about a year old. they are mixed media paintings that were done for an assignment. the figure drawings themselves were done from life.

3"x6" mixed media (acrylic, ink, colored pencil)

3"x6" mixed media (acrylic, ink, colored pencil)