Rover, Roll Over

More than anything, I love personal projects. These bust at the seams with life and spontaneity…Rover RoverRover

I really want to try and take these busts to another level, which explains the circular element in the background. I mean, eventually, I would love to move into full color, but that’s a leap I’m still gathering the courage for. The struggle with that is I’m unsure what medium I would want to fuck with. I really enjoy watercolor and layering process, but then oil paints let you achieve a certain mood. I guess time will tell.

General Ursus

Another commission I was lucky enough to work on. The client wanted my own take on the Planet of the Apes General. I had to do some studies on the helmet, since that was the one thing that would give any clue as to who this was. Here is the process… General Ursus General UrsusGeneral Ursus

I think there is some kind of pressure that commissions put on me that makes me want to over-render these drawings. They seem to lack the life and energy of some of my other personal creature busts. The clients are always satisfied, but I’m not sure if I like this “finished” look.


Here was another commission I was fortunate enough to do. I love being able to do my own interpretations of creatures and monsters. All that was requested by the client in this one was the forward facing view…Medusa

I had to do a bit of research and studies on the snakes…  MedusaMedusa

The client loved it :)

Sights Set

The latest…


Sights Set

I almost didn’t want to share the first image at all, but I think it’s pretty interesting to see how much the face changed. Not all ideas fit well together. There is still something off about the perspective of the head, but I was never able to figure it out. Oh well.

One thing I’m trying that’s new to me, is laying the pencils completely on their sides. This technique helps cover more of the area with white, helping push it to the foreground. Before, I used to do pretty much nothing but cross-hatching. But this sideways technique is awesome for this bigger scale I’m working with.


Quick sketch…



Not sure if it was the lack of enthusiasm for this character concept or because I just got back from a 3-day weekend in Tahoe, but I felt totally off the whole time I drew this. Oh well, I’m just gonna call it a warm-up :) Time to start ideation for my 2nd piece to an upcoming art show…