Withering Witch

1 hour sketch…

Withering Witch

I finally restocked on white charcoal pencils so I was able to get back to drawing today. Along with my usual General’s white charcoal pencils, I also bought a Derwent ink blue drawing pencil and that is what I used to draw this one. I just thought it would look nice on this tan toned paper since I had already established that the tone of the paper was mostly in the light value range. The blue gives a nice cool tone to the shadow areas. I tried to get the scan to match the original as closely as possible, but the original still looks a better. Anyway, ’til next time.

Beauty in The Beast

Another quick one before work…


I’ve really been letting the pencil do the work lately. I’ll just put on some good music and let my hand run with it. Pretty relaxing. After the silhouette is interesting enough, I darken up the outline a bit more. I’ve been leaving the line drawing pretty rough and light with the last few busts, which lets me pull more light out with the white charcoal pencil and not get muddied up. Also, I’ve been trying to focus more on the creature/character design instead, then later work in the costume design. I realized that 5x8in. is too small to work in some of the crazy costume ideas I’ve had. Sketchbook almost done!


A quick one…

Avian Creature

I love how spontaneous these busts can be sometimes. I’m getting pretty fast with the now. This one was maybe like 1 hour. I figured out that it’s all about moderation with this medium. I learned to use the white charcoal pencil only where light is hitting, which seems so obvious, but I hadn’t really thought about it until recently. 7 more pages!

Desolate Muse

The newest one…

Desolate Muse Desolate MuseDesolate Muse

This one was super quick also. I took my time building up the values on this one and I went lighter on the line drawing. I’ve been enjoying drawing topless figures because I can just hatch in big areas. 10 more pages to go!

Revival of Adamus

I love this guy…


I posted a small sketch of him before when I first created him. This original sketch was thumbnail size, so I decided to blow it up on my 5.5×8.5 toned paper sketchbook. I didn’t have any ideas for new characters, but really felt like practicing a more direct approach with this medium. I really love those toned paper drawings you see that have the pencil strokes still visible and not overly rendered. They just scream confidence. Anyway, I think we will be seeing more of him in the future.